It’s Māori language week, and time to get involved! Below are some basic words for you to start practicing and incorporating into your every day life!

Huimeeting, conference, gathering

Marae  – the area for formal discourse in front of a meeting house; or the whole marae complex, including meeting house, dining hall, forecourt, etc.

Haere mai!Welcome! Enter!

Nau mai!Welcome!

Tangihangafuneral ceremony in which a body is mourned on a marae

Tangishort (verbal version) for the above; or to cry, to mourn

Karangathe ceremony of calling to the guests to welcome them onto the marae

Manuhiriguests, visitors

Tangata whenuaoriginal people belonging to a place, local people, hosts

Whaikōrero the art and practice of speech making

Kaikōrero or kaiwhai korerospeaker (there are many other terms)

Hakachant with dance for the purpose of challenge (see other references to haka on this site)

Waiata song or chant which follows a speech

Koha gift, present (usually money, can be food or precious items, given by guest to hosts)

Whare nui meeting house; sometimes run together as one word  wharenui

Whare whakairocarved meeting house

Whare kaidining hall

Wharepaku lavatory, toilet

Whare horoiablution block, bathroom