Te Reo


“Get outside and be as adventurous as you can”  – Witeria Ashby

Making healthier choices means that we can be there for our whānau, and take leadership in helping our loved ones live longer and healthier lives too. A good place to start is thinking about some of the most common illnesses that affect Māori men, and how to prevent or manage them: heart disease, diabetes, cancer, smoking-related diseases, and mental distress.

A general health checkup can detect many problems like these before they become more serious. There’s also some excellent health advice online, and programmes to help you achieve your goals. Take a look at our support page for more information. Visit our facts and stats page about Maori men and physical health.

Whakawhanuangatanga – Build relationships, relate well socially, communicate

  • Make a commitment with your friends or whānau to make healthier choices together
  • Contact a support group or programme to help you manage an illness
  • Get involved in a sports group or club. Koha me te aroha – Gift with love
  • Support friends or whānau who are struggling with an illness
  • Volunteer for a physical activity, like refereeing sports events or joining environment clean-up days.

Whakatewhatewha – Examine, inquire, explore

  • Find out how to prepare healthier food
  • Learn how to manage any health conditions you have, or that run in your family
  • Pick up a new skill or activity that helps keep you active.

Kia mataara, mohiotanga – Alertness, insight, intelligence, knowledge

  • Pay attention to your health – get a regular health check up
  • Notice what makes you feel well and do more of it!
  • Be aware of what triggers less healthy behaviour – for instance smoking when you’re stressed.

Mahi kakamā – Be nimble and active

  • Get out there and be adventurous – physical activity helps prevent or manage a lot of health conditions
  • Talk to your doctor about a green prescription
  • Giving up smoking will help you be more active.


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