Te Reo


“Family is the centre of my universe…” – Scotty Morrison

Whānau is the foundation of Māori society – it’s our main source of strength and support, and gives us a sense of identity.  Spending time with whānau, doing things for them, and getting involved, gives you a feeling of purpose, connection and wellbeing. It benefits you, and builds the strength of your whole family.

Most Māori define their whānau by whakapapa, but whānau can also include friends and other important people in your life. And while being a father figure is a major role for many Māori men in their whānau, tāne can contribute in a lot of other ways too.

Whakawhanuangatanga – Build relationships, relate well socially, communicate

  • Spend time with your kids, and enjoy being a father
  • Contact whānau you haven’t seen in a long time
  • Keep in touch with your mates, and be there when they need help.

Koha me te aroha – Gift with love

  • Offer your time ¬to care for a child or relative, or help with a DIY project
  • Act as a mentor to a young person in trouble
  • Share kai you have grown or caught, or prepare a meal for whānau.

Whakatewhatewha – Examine, inquire, explore

  • Investigate your whakapapa with your children
    Talk to your elders about their life stories
    Take up a new interest with a family member.

Kia Mataara, Mohiotanga – Alertness, insight, intelligence, knowledge

  • Be grateful for your whānau – acknowledge them
  • Be aware of your position as a role model
  • Korero with your tamariki and mokopuna (children and grandchildren) while practising deep listening and mindful speech.

Mahi kakamā – Be nimble and active

  • Play active games or sport with your children
    Get outdoors with your family – go for a walk, have a picnic
    Keep fit so you can be there for your whānau.


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