Author: Tane Ora

McDonald’s with a side of Te Reo Māori!

How awesome is this whānau?! A large group of fluent Te Reo Māori speakers place a large breakfast order at McDonald’s, to there surprise the cashier Jershon Tatana responds and completes there order in Māori! Now, it’s going viral! Currently living in Hawkes Bay, the Te Reo Māori journey for this young man started in Palmerston North where he attended Te Kura Kaupapa Māori o Manawatu! Check out the full article and interview by clicking here...

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Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori

It’s Māori language week, and time to get involved! Below are some basic words for you to start practicing and incorporating into your every day life! Hui – meeting, conference, gathering Marae  – the area for formal discourse in front of a meeting house; or the whole marae complex, including meeting house, dining hall, forecourt, etc. Haere mai! – Welcome! Enter! Nau mai! – Welcome! Tangihanga – funeral ceremony in which a body is mourned on a marae Tangi – short (verbal version) for the above; or to cry, to mourn Karanga – the ceremony of calling to the...

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