Upokopakaru is a great site for those who are adequate speakers of Maori. Upokopakaru is a great resource for whakatauaki and grammar, kiwaha and kianga to use in everyday conversation,  or if you would like to read about the beauty within a phrase or word in te reo Maori .

Some great kiwaha mentioned include –

Upoko pakaru  is not so common as a kīwaha, instead deriving from a whakataukī related to fighting (of which there are several variations).

Kaua mā te waewae tutuki, engari mā te upoko pakaru
Don’t turn back due to a stumbling foot, but a cracked head.

Arero paremo means hesitating in speech or tongue-tied – as when you’re trying to say something but can’t find the right words or feel like you should say something but don’t want to be the proverbial shot messenger.

He aha te raru? He arero paremo tōu?
What’s the problem? Cat got your tongue?

Hōhonu kakī is part of a longer whakataukī referring to someone who is all talk and no action. It’s particularly great when confronted with people who are quick to point out flaws but aren’t willing to do anything themselves.

Hōhonu kakī, pāpaku uaua
Deep throat, shallow muscles

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