The Hits radio broadcaster Stacey Morrison and Te Karere presenter husband Scotty Morrison had a vision. A vision that aimed to boost the use of Te Reo Maori in whanau homes all around Aotearoa. They wanted to find a way to make it cool and easy to korero Maori, and that’s just what they’ve done!

The power couple have just released a book called ‘Maori at home’ for those wanting to introduce Te Reo into their household. The book covers key topics such as mahi-ā-kāinga (chores), hei mua i te kura (before school) and kīwaha (slang).

They were inspired to write the book after encountering adult learners of Maori who had been taught academically and weren’t familiar with the informal language needed to run a household.

The couple view the book as more of a survival guide based on what people want and need, Stacey in an interview saying “If you haven’t learnt your language from a parent or kaumatua a lot of language you learn isn’t in the context of home. Adult learners know some great words like ‘horopaki’ but they don’t know how to say ‘flush the toilet’.”

Maori at Home’ is available for purchase at $35.00 from Postie Plus, or online via websites such as