Key to Maori Men’s Health is to realise that as Maori Men, we do not live in isolation and it is our whanau who remain the foundation of who we are and who we will grow to be. Whanau Ora is no doubt intimately related to TaneOra.

Over the next few months our Healthy lifestyle section will look at the 6 objectives of Whanau Ora and provide some practical ways you and your whanau can improve on these.

Key Objectives of whanau Ora include:

Whānau self-management

Full whānau participation in society

Economic security and wealth creation

Healthy whānau lifestyles

Te Ao Māori – confident whānau participation

Whānau cohesion.



A lot of the time we justify to ourselves that there isn’t enough time  to spend time with our whanau,

yet have enough time to have a few with the bros, go out on Friday and Saturday night, or go to R18 events.

Before you can spend more time with your whanau you need to make that time a prioirity!

Get along to events that you can do as a whanau.

Events that encourage healthy living


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