In March 2011 the government adopted a goal, to become Smokefree Aotearoa by 2025! That means we have 8 years to kick the habit, now that might seem like a lengthy due date but to become 100% smoke free, isn’t something that happens overnight. Lucky for us, the government has invested thousands into services that are devoted to helping and supporting those who really want to  take on this life changing challenge.

Other than decreasing your life span by 28 minutes per pack, there is so many other reasons why you should kick the habit today for the sake of your health. Below is a short list of all the amazing changes that your body will endure from the moment you stop.

  1. Within 20 minutes of your last cigarette your blood pressure, pulse rate and regular temperature of your hands and feet will have returned to normal.
  2. Within 8 hours, your smokers breath will have disappeared, the carbon minoxide level in your blood drops and your oxygen level rises to normal.
  3. Within 48 hours,your damaged nerve endings have started to regrow and your sense of smell and taste will be beginning to return to normal.
  4. Within 72 hours, your entire body will test nicotine-free!
  5. Within 10 days to 2 weeks, addiction and cravings will be a thing of the past.
  6. After 2 to 4 weeks, cessation related to anger, anxiety, difficulty concentrating, impatience, insomnia, restlessness and depression will have ended.
  7. After 3 months, your heart attack risk will have dropped significantly and your lung function will begin to improve.
  8. After 1 year of being smokefree your excess risk of coronary heart disease, heart attack and stroke will have dropped to less than half that of a smoker.
  9. Between 5 – 15years, your risk of stroke will have declined to that of a non smoker.
  10. After 8 years of being smokefree, you will proudly be able to join the rest of Aotearoa and say ‘Yes, I am smokefree’

Begin the journey today! Follow any of the links below to get started.

Quitline, Tipu Ora, Nicorette, Smokefree, Champix