Māori Movement is a unique health and wellbeing programme that brings together the traditional training of the Māori warriors (both tane and wāhine) into modern interpretation. Māori Movement base their fitness and movement system around the knowledge of Atua (Māori Gods) to inspire the approach to each movement sequence.

Designer and creator of the Māori Movement programme Beez Ngarino Te Waati along with his team of Māori Movement Practitioners Kura Te Waati, Sophie Williams and Edmond Eramiha have created a series of video lesson plans explaining each movement in detail. There is a range of different levels available, level one consists of video lessons, warm ups, cool downs and explanatory videos which are free to view. If you enjoy level one and want to move on to the next stage you are then able to subscibe to levels two, three and the premier level of each movement to gain full benefits of the programme.

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